‘Almost two-thirds of Brits value investment in renewable energy ‘

Out of the 2,105 people polled, 62% supported government-backed investments in enhancing infrastructure across the UK

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Renewable investment

A new study conducted by YouGov reveals that almost two-thirds of Brits value investments in renewable energy.

The survey was conducted on behalf of the £1.8 billion investment fund GLIL Infrastructure – out of the 2,015 people surveyed, 62% said investment in clean energy was ’very important’ and 43% called for priority funding towards utilities.

The public ranked airports at the bottom, with only 14% supporting infrastructural investment in airports.

Around 63% of the public called for government-backed investments to enhance infrastructure across the UK, whereas only 6% supported private investment.

Ted Frith, COO at GLIL Infrastructure, said: “The UK has extensive infrastructure ambitions and now, even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, there is still a strong case for infrastructure investment as the economy looks to get back on track and prepare for the future.

“Although 63% of people think the UK Government should pay for infrastructure, the Government has other priorities right now, with money rightly being directed to healthcare and supporting businesses and people from across the economy. Perhaps now more than ever before the government should be encouraging the private sector and local government pension schemes to step up and help fill the infrastructure funding gap as part of the nation’s recovery.”

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