Chetan Lad

Meet the energy expert, Chetan Lad

Chetan Lad is an independent commercial consultant, who has worked in the energy market since 2000. He has held senior commercial roles in strategy, policy and regulation, PPA procurement and New Product Development. He has worked with Opus, Wave Utilities, United Utilities, Centrica and Enron in the UK and has supported several clients under NDA.

Chetan’s experience and skills would be of most value to suppliers and brokers looking for strategic solutions, commercial evaluation of activities and who are considering new products and services, particularly in sustainable energy or water. He is based near Oxford, willing to travel across the South and Midlands and is experienced in supporting clients remotely.

Chet has been an Associate of The Utility Market Experts (a working community of accessible independent industry experts) since October 2019.


  • Value Proposition Development
  • New Product Design,
  • Policy and Strategy

If you would like to discuss his availability, contact Harry Matyjaszek or Stuart Dawes:

Harry Matyjaszek: 07527 206777 or [email protected]

Stuart Dawes on 07771 777902 or [email protected]

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