David Mooney

Meet the energy expert, David Mooney

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David Mooney is in an independent wholesale market consultant, who has worked in the energy market since 1996. He has worked in the wholesale energy trading markets at Scottish Power, Fortis, Enron and TXU; and has set up and run trading operations in the UK and Europe in power, gas, carbon and coal. He is highly experienced in portfolio optimisation and hedging for retail, generation, renewables, storage and LNG.

David is interested in the application of grid scale batteries & AI in the management of UK power grids and supporting asset owners from initial investment stage. He is able to provide robust guidance to anyone looking to move into this area or who would benefit from deeper market understanding. David is based in Glasgow, willing to travel UK wide and is experienced in supporting clients remotely.

Dave has been an Associate of The Utility Market Experts (a working community of accessible independent industry experts) since January 2019.


  • Wholesale Markets
  • Asset Investment
  • Smart Grid Development

If you would like to discuss his availability, contact Harry Matyjaszek or Stuart Dawes:

Harry Matyjaszek: 07527 206777 or [email protected]

Stuart Dawes on 07771 777902 or [email protected]

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