Drivers paid to charge their EVs over bank holiday weekend

During the bank holiday weekend drivers saved up to £100 in petrol

Big Zero Report 2022

During the bank holiday weekend, electric vehicle (EV) drivers were paid to charge their car.

This was because electricity prices went negative, allowing drivers who use Octopus Agile’s green electricity tariff and an Ohme cable or home charger to save up to £100 in petrol and earn five pounds.

David Watson CEO and Founder of Ohme: ​”As well as being a more efficient cleaner mode of transport, EVs will have a profound positive impact on the grid, unlocking value by cheaply shifting demand to times where there is an excess of renewable energy on the system.”

Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles: ​“Electric cars can save drivers up to 90% fuel saving normally, but this weekend we even saw drivers getting paid to fill up as Octopus Energy’s Agile tariff prices dropped below zero for a few hours saving some drivers up to £85.”

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