Solar-powered Stirling ranked as ‘Scotland’s greenest area’

Stirling has enough solar panels in place to equip 10.1% of the area’s 40,157 households, according to a new report

The Big Zero report

Stirling has been ranked ‘Scotland’s greenest area’, according to a new study.

Analysis by the eco developer Project Etopia has recorded Stirling has more than 4,051 solar panels in place, enough to equip 10.1% of the area’s 40,157 households with the renewable energy equipment.

Housing Portfolio Holder, Evelyn Tweed, said: “The continued investment in our solar panels means that more and more Stirling Council tenants are feeling the benefits of reduced electricity bills and helps facilitate our work to tackle fuel poverty across the Stirling area.

“We are determined to remove poor energy efficiency as a driver for fuel poverty and are committed to ensuring that everyone in Stirling, no matter their financial situation, has access to good quality housing that they can afford to heat.”

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