IKEA launches solar panels to slash home electricity bills

Customers living in Australia will be able to shop for solar panels through the company’s website

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IKEA has partnered with the Australian solar company Solargain to launch a new range of solar panels available to its customers who want to invest in renewable energy and slash their electricity bills.

Customers living in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria will be able to shop for solar panels through the company’s website.

There are two solar packages in IKEA’s Solstråle range – the basic package is a 6.6kW system that allows users to draw power from the sun and feed electricity back into the grid.

The other package, Solstråle with battery, comes with a 6.5kWh lithium battery that allows solar power storage, while a smart meter and micro-inverter are also available separately within the range.

Pricing for both systems varies, depending on the location and the size of the house.

For example, a basic package starts at AUD$4,005 (£2,195) for customers in Perth but starts at only AUD$3,227 (£1,768) for those in Melbourne.

The retail giant says the launch of the new offering will occur in waves with the aim during 2020 to make the solar range available for customers located within 100 kilometres of a store in all states and territories where IKEA is present.

CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer, Jan Gardberg, said: “We are able to offer a solar package that is true value for money. We hope this will encourage our customers to live a more sustainable everyday life by removing the barriers to investing in renewable energy.”

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