ENGIE rolls out free EV charging for taxi and private hire vehicles

After one year of free charging, ENGIE will then offer a discounted rate of 75% for the next two to five years

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ENGIE is expanding its electric vehicle (EV) charging network across West Midlands offering free charging to registered taxi and private hire vehicles.

Bromsgrove District Council, which won government funding for the deployment of EV charging taxi infrastructure has partnered with the energy company to install 13 EV chargers across the district.

Trying to encourage the switch to EVs, ENGIE will offer free charging to taxis and private hire vehicles for the first year following the installation.

After this free period, the firm will offer a discounted rate of 75% for the next two to five years.

Margaret Sherrey, whose portfolio covers Environmental Services, said: “This is fantastic news for our district. Now we can get the ball rolling to develop and implement clean transport options for our residents as well as giving EV users from elsewhere in the UK the opportunity to stop or visit Bromsgrove to recharge their batteries.”

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ENGIE EV Solutions, commented: “Making reliable, easy to use and familiar EV charging facilities available to drivers in their own communities, encourages take up and results in cleaner air quality across the district.”

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