Government pumps £140m into zero-emissions tech projects

A new zero-emissions water taxi project will benefit from the funding announced by BEIS

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Projects to develop autonomous and electric vehicles (EVs) in South Wales, zero-emissions tech in Northern Ireland and smart-packaging for the reduction of the waste in Kent, will receive £140 million in government funding.

A consortium led by Cardiff University is developing technologies for innovative vehicles, communications and 5G and will be awarded a £44 million grant.

In Northern Ireland a project to build wind-electric hybrids for maritime vessels, including a new zero-emissions water taxi scheme will also be supported with £63 million. This project is created by a consortium led by the yacht design and technology company Artemis Technologies.

BEIS has also announced a £33 million funding of an artificial intelligence (AI) smart-packaging system which aims to reduce waste. This is developed by a group led by the National Institute of Agriculture Botany EMR at East Malling in Kent.

Business Secretary Alok Sharma said: “Today’s announcement will ensure some of our country’s most promising research and development projects get the investment they need to take off and thrive.

“Working with the private sector our world-class universities, we’re backing new and innovative ideas that will create jobs and boost skills in every part of the UK for years to come.”

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