Germany to ban single-use plastics from July 2021

The sale of disposable products such as plastic plates, straws, stirring sticks, cotton buds and plastic balloon sticks will soon be prohibited

Big Zero Report 2022

The German Cabinet has agreed to ban the sale of single-use plastic straws, cotton buds and food containers from July next year.

The decision is said to be in line with an EU directive intended to reduce plastic waste.

The German Association of Local Utilities (VKU) estimates common plastic items make up around 10 to 20% of waste from parks, public places and streets with to-go packaging for food and beverages made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) having the largest share.

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze: “Many disposable plastic products are superfluous and no sustainable use of resources. In addition, plastics end too often in the environment or in the oceans.

“With today’s cabinet decision, we are taking an important national step in the fight against the plastic flood.”

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