Government announces £80m fund to cut emissions and save on bills

The funding aims to help heavy industry go green and retrofit homes with latest green tech, helping people save money on their energy bills

Big Zero Report 2022

The government has launched an £80 million fund to cut emissions from homes and energy-intensive businesses.

The money includes an investment of £30 million in manufacturers, such as car factories and steel plants, in a bid to shrink their carbon footprint.

This fund allows businesses with high energy use to apply for grants to install technology which reduces their energy bills and cuts carbon emissions.

Heat networks, which slash carbon and cut heating bills for customers, including one in Gateshead, which will harness geothermal water from disused mines to heat 1,250 homes, will also benefit from £25 million of governmental funds.

In addition, £24 million will be allocated to a retrofit scheme, which will develop energy-efficient homes by installing green tech and insulation in houses.

The retrofit pilot programme is set to start in Cornwall, Nottingham, and Sutton, while 750 homes in the South East of Scotland, the South East of England and Newcastle will trial innovative heat pumps.

Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said: “We want to invest now to ensure we continue to propel the UK towards a stronger, greener future.

“This new £80 million investment will help to reduce emissions across our economy, which will save people money on energy bills and protect jobs in heavy industry.”

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