Statkraft launches new partnership for grid stability without CO2 emissions

The partnership will see the deployment of rotating stabiliser technology, which will provide grid stability services without CO2 emissions

Statkraft has joined forces with electrical engineering company GE Power Conversion to deliver a new approach to managing the stability of the grid.

GE Power Conversion will manufacture and install two rotating stabiliser synchronous machines at Statkraft’s site in Keith in the Northeast of Scotland.

GE’s technology provides a way of replacing the stability services provided by traditional thermal plant generation, but without generating carbon dioxide emissions.

As a result, fossil fuel-powered generation does not need to run, which allows more renewable generation to operate, providing secure electrical power at a lower cost to consumers.

Guy Nicholson, Head of Grid Integration, Statkraft UK, said: “The rotating stabiliser solution provides a way to replace the inertia provided by traditional thermal plant generation but operating without carbon emissions.”

Julian Leslie, Head of Networks at National Grid ESO, said: “This approach is the first of its kind anywhere in the world and is a huge step forward in our ambition to be able to operate the GB electricity system carbon-free by 2025.”

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