Gaia says no! Episode 3 – The Nexus

The Nexus is the point where humans have as much influence as mother nature on the planet. Are we there? If so what will we do?

Big Zero Report 2022

Thanks to all those listening in to our new series “Gaia Says No!” – exploring the nature of human activities on the planet.

In the third episode, environmental campaigner Angus Forbes, analyst Alex Milward and I discuss the concept of the ‘Nexus”.

Not some science fiction theory but a point at which we as humans, now are in the powerful position of co-piloting the direction of the planet along with mother nature. Are we so strong we can choose to save or destroy our home? Why should developing nations listen to the rich west who spent 200 years raping the Earth’s resources and now ask others to resist? Can science help us undo the wrong we have done?

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Listen in as we discuss economics, science and even a bit of religion as we explore how we can now decide how to determine our home’s immediate future.

Honest opinion and some strong language.

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