UD Group has changed its trading name to POWWR

UD Group (registered company 06904669 – UD Software Solutions Group Ltd) is changing its trading name to POWWR.

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This comes after their recent merger with the US-based company Cognitive Energy, LLC who will also trade under the POWWR name in the US.

As the company now has the knowledge and expertise of two organisations, they wish to update their brand and messaging to better reflect who they are and what they now have to offer. POWWR can now offer a complete end-to-end solution for energy sales and contracting, taking their customers from cross-market pricing all the way through to sales insights and reporting.

Mike Parrella, CEO at POWWR comments:

“As a combined entity now, everyone here at POWWR is really excited about what the future holds. We are the only solutions provider in the industry to serve both energy retailers and brokers, and with offices in both the US and the UK, we’re set up to work with our customers on a global scale. Working in parallel with our customers, we can use cutting-edge technology to drive an increased number of successful transactions.”

In a few months’ time, POWWR will be launching a brand-new website, consistent with the new and improved brand direction. For a preview of things to come, you can check out the new website here: https://www.powwr.co.uk

If you have any questions on the rebrand, please email: [email protected]

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