Vestas reaches milestone of 100GW of wind turbines

Based on the global average of electricity usage, 100GW of wind capacity can help save around 134 million tonnes of CO2 annually

Big Zero Report 2022

Danish manufacturer Vestas has announced it has reached 100GW of wind turbines under service.

Based on the global average of electricity usage, 100GW of wind energy saves around 134 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. This is equivalent to removing more than 90 million vehicles from the road every year.

The company says it has become the ‘first to reach this milestone’.

Vestas has deployed digital tools for data collection and analysis for the performance of its infrastructure and says more than 140 times a day, 27,000 turbines send performance data to its Performance and Diagnostics Centre in order to deliver maintenance solutions.

Henrik Andersen, Vestas President and CEO, said: “As the current global pandemic has demonstrated, renewables are fast becoming a critical component of the global energy system as well as an important element in the green recovery of the world’s economies.”

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