COP26 seeks sponsors with ‘strong climate credentials’

Businesses with ambitious net zero commitments by 2050 or earlier with a reliable short term action plan will be prioritised

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The UK Government is seeking sponsors for COP26 who have ‘strong climate credentials’.

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference, which will take place in November 2021, has published a draft of a new framework that sets out the core standards for businesses that aim to offer corporate sponsoring to the event.

The event management team of the climate summit says it will prioritise companies which set ambitious net zero commitments by 2050 or earlier with a credible short term action plan to achieve this.

COP26 will also decide its sponsors on the basis of their contributions to the fight against climate change and their alignment with the aims of the conference.

Eligible sponsors need also to agree to lend their resources to make the event successful and promote international action on climate change.

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