Honda leaves F1 circuits to pursue environmental initiatives

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer says it will focus on the development of low carbon technologies that will support battery electric and fuel cell vehicles

Big Zero Report 2022

Honda has announced plans to leave the Formula One World Championship in pursuit of environmental initiatives and research on carbon-free technologies.

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer says it will end its participation in the international sports event as a power unit supplier at the end of the 2021 season.

The firm says it intends to focus on developing technologies that could help it reach its 2050 carbon-neutral goal – these technologies include power units for fuel cell vehicles and battery electric vehicles.

In April of this year, Honda created a new centre called Innovative Research Excellence, Power Unit and Energy.

The firm added: “As the automobile industry undergoes a once-in-one-hundred-years period of great transformation, Honda has decided to strive for the ‘realisation of carbon-neutrality by 2050.

“This goal will be pursued as part of Honda’s environmental initiatives which is one of the top priorities of Honda as a mobility manufacturer.”

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