Centrica introduces new low-cost, ‘hassle-free’ brand British Gas Evolve

The new service will offer 100% renewable electricity and help customers reduce their usage and carbon footprint

Big Zero Report 2022

Centrica has launched a new low-cost, ‘hassle-free’ brand called British Gas Evolve.

That follows the testing of a trial version of the new service through British Gas X by 17,000 residential customers.

British Gas Evolve will firstly launch to a limited number of customers on third-party websites, with a full launch to be rolled out later this year.

The new brand will start by supplying 100% renewable electricity and aims to later create other offerings to help customers reduce their usage and carbon footprint.

These include time-of-use tariffs and pricing that moves with supply and demand.

The provider says its ambition is to be the largest energy supplier in Britain for residential and small businesses.

Peter Simon, Managing Director of New Energy Platforms at Centrica said: “Sustainability, now and for the future, is core to our business, and we are striving to ensure our energy supply brands play an integral part in helping our business and our customers reduce their emissions for a zero-carbon future.”

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