Total partners with Google to unlock solar energy potential of household roofs

The partnership will see the development of a tool that will use artificial intelligence algorithms to estimate the solar energy potential of homes

Big Zero Report 2022

Total has joined forces with the cloud computing services Google Cloud to develop a tool that aims to map the real potential of using solar power on household roofs.

The offering, named ‘Solar Mapper’ uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provide better results than current tools – this includes better quality of data extracted from satellite images, more accurate estimations of solar potential and better suggestions as to which technology should be installed.

The solution also promises to provide better geographical coverage so that many more areas around the world will have access.

Partners note especially in France, the new tool provides more than 90% geographical coverage, allowing most people to assess the solar potential of their homes.

Total also plans to develop an application of Solar Mapper dedicated to industrial and commercial buildings and installations.

Marie-Noëlle Séméria, Total’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “Solar Mapper will enable Total to faster deploy solar panels on the houses’ roofs, in order to provide its customers with more affordable and more accessible solar energy.

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