US startup unveils solar-powered EV that ‘needs no charging’ for most daily use

The vehicle integrates a solar system, which offers it a range of 45 miles per day

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US startup Aptera has unveiled a new solar electric vehicle (sEV), which is claimed to not require charging for most daily use.

The California-based company recently opened pre-orders for the sEV, which uses a solar system able to provide more than 40 miles of clean driving every day.

The technology aims to make the vehicle the ‘world’s first’ that will not need to be refuelled for most daily driving.

The solar system, which is integrated into the vehicle’s body structure, covers three square metres and consists of 180 solar cells.

The manufacturer said the technology is designed to harvest enough sunlight to allow the vehicle to travel more than 11,000 miles every year.

The sEV is also equipped with a battery pack that offers 1,000 miles of range.

The vehicle is also designed with lightweight materials claimed to be many times stronger than steel.

The company said that it had already received around $100 million (£75m) for 3,000 vehicle pre-orders.

Aptera’s Co-Founder Chris Anthony said: “With Aptera’s ‘Never Charge’ technology, you are driven by the power of the sun. Our built-in solar array keeps your battery pack topped off and anywhere you want to go, you just go.”

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