Council rolls out ‘Litter Cams’ for litterbug drivers

Motorists who are caught disposing of litter from their windows face fines of up to £120

The Big Zero report

A local authority in Kent has launched a new technology to deter drivers from throwing litter out of their car’s window.

The so-called Litter Cams will be used as a trial project by Maidstone Borough Council to reduce the amount of litter on highways.

Motorists will reportedly face fines of £120 if they are caught on camera disposing of any kind of trash, including cigarette ends, coffee cups and nappies from their windows.

A spokesperson from Maidstone Borough Council said: “Maidstone Borough Council can confirm that it is taking part in a trial of Litter Cam technology in the borough. This will be a mobile unit which will be used to deter littering from vehicles and will be in place for a year.

“In 2020 MBC removed about 1,950 tonnes of waste illegally disposed on the highway, including litter and fly-tipping.

“The council will also continue to use more traditional methods of catching people littering and issued over 200 litter FPN in 2019/2020. This new technology will enhance the enforcement action we already undertake.”

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