Utility Team launches ‘gamechanging’ energy efficiency software

Tests of the new software have shown it can reduce the energy usage of chiller systems by up to 20%

Big Zero Report 2022

Utility Team has launched new software that helps businesses reduce the energy consumption of chiller cooling systems.

Tests of the Automated Response Command (ARC) energy efficiency technology have shown the software can deliver reductions in electrical energy usage of between 8% and 20%.

The software optimises the compressor operations of chiller cooling systems by monitoring plant output, total energy consumption and common header temperatures.

Header is part of the chiller cooling system.

ARC then uses this data to predict what is going to happen within the plant, based on historic events under the same ambient conditions and then recommends adjustments accordingly.

The installation of ARC at the Ricoh Arena for Wasps Rugby has already delivered a 14% reduction in energy consumption.

Utility Team said the technology can help businesses cut energy usage and support their net zero journey.

Christopher Toze, Managing Director of ARC and Head of Energy Services at Utility Team, said: “During the development process, we were excited about the anticipated energy savings ARC could deliver. Having undertaken months of real-world testing, the efficacy of ARC has exceeded all expectations.

“Whilst initially launching in the UK, the ARC team has global ambitions as we believe ARC will have a significant positive impact in the fight to combat climate change by reducing the energy usage of commercial and industrial chiller plant as demand for cooling increases.”

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