TenneT to invest up to €5bn a year to prepare grids for energy transition

The transmission system operator aims to develop an interconnector to connect up to 4GW of British and Dutch offshore windfarms

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The largest grid operator in the Netherlands and Germany, TenneT, has unveiled plans to spend up to €5 billion (£4.2bn) every year to build the electricity infrastructure needed for the energy transition.

The company, which has invested €3.4 billion (£2.9bn) last year to prepare European grids for the uptake of renewables, will explore with the National Grid Ventures the development of an interconnector to connect up to 4GW of British and Dutch offshore windfarms between the two nations’ electricity systems.

TenneT will also work with the German, Dutch and Danish Governments, to develop a joint energy hub in the North Sea connected to these three countries.

TenneT Chief Executive Officer Manon van Beek said: “Now, we are ready for a decade full of challenges. We are Europe’s only cross-border transmission system operator, firmly embedded in Northwest Europe with unique access to a vast amount of North Sea wind power.

“As such, TenneT has a key role in the growing European cooperation needed to facilitate the transition to a net zero carbon world.

“This requires new concepts, new partnerships and swift action to create a more integrated and affordable European energy system.”

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