Gas and Power prices see a challenging start to summer

A lack of harmony in market operations is to be questioned. Where is the regulator?

The Big Zero report

In this episode of the Resonance podcast, you will learn:

  • Why it’s been a challenging start to the summer season for gas – spot prices higher than February
  • Gas has been running 60% of Power production, so what’s the impact considering negligible amount of wind given its importance to grid power now?
  • Are NCC costs not being harmonised correctly with Commodity Costs and impacting an increase in both
  • Competing Auction Platforms in the UK sees £2000 p/MWh for balancing costs – Is this in any way acceptable and does our regulator need to look at this where previously as part of the EU system costs where harmonised?

Carbon markets remain dysfunctional due to an imbalance between actual participants and speculators – the impact on power prices remains for end users.

For the details of the discussion, listen to the podcast episode.

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