How could the reopening of UK’s pubs lead to significant rise in air pollution?

Pollution created by one outdoor gas heater for five hours a day is almost the same as that from heating an entire home for a day, according to a new report

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The reopening of the UK’s pubs and restaurants could increase the levels of air pollution.

New research by Future Climate for the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF) Europe estimates nitrogen oxides (NOx) pollution created by a single outdoor gas heater at five hours per day is nearly the same as that produced by heating an entire home for a day.

NOx is a chemical compound of oxygen and nitrogen created during the combustion of fuels such as oil, diesel and gas.

The analysis adds if a beer garden uses ten gas heaters for a single night that’s equivalent to the pollution from gas heating of ten homes.

The report suggests powering businesses and homes with gas is the second-largest source of NOx pollution in London after road transport.

EDF Europe also highlights electric heaters don’t produce any local NOx air pollution emissions, produce 60% less carbon dioxide and use less energy.

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