Westminster becomes ‘UK’s first’ local authority to install 1k EV charge points

The council is now planning to deliver 500 more charging points by the first quarter of next year

Westminster seems to have set itself at the forefront of the country’s electric vehicle (EV) revolution as the local authority announced it reached the milestone of 1,000 EV charge point installations.

The scale of the EV charging infrastructure is such that it could claim it has become the first local authority in the UK to have achieved that milestone.

The charging points, which range from 3kW to 50kW, have been installed in residential and commercial areas across the city to meet the increasing demand from EV drivers.

The council has worked with Siemens GB&I to install the EV charge points and is now planning to deliver another 500 chargers by April 2022.

Raj Mistry, Executive Director of Environment and City Management at Westminster City Council, said: “I am proud that Westminster is the first local authority to reach this important milestone.

“Poor air quality is consistently a top concern among our residents, so the council is embracing new technology to improve air quality and meet our net zero goals.”

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