Carbon volatility drives energy prices across Europe, but is there opportunity for energy users on flexible contracts?

For European energy commodity markets and the impact on business end user energy prices, carbon markets are lively! Is it a bullish market, carbon surrender compliance, or a combination of these factors?

The Big Zero report

In this episode of the Resonance, you will learn:

  1. End of carbon surrender compliance. What was different from last time? Is speculative pricing an impact?
  2. Russian gas and the transit through Ukraine – chances for extra capacity didn’t materialise, nothing really changed, but market took a bullish view on the situation.
  3. Spot prices in Germany in May potentially averaging significantly lower to May expiry price due to stronger wind and solar.
  4. Does this point to good news for European strategies that incorporate flexible contracts?
  5. Carbon remains volatile and will drive power prices, but what about other factors such as LNG and gas storage? What does that mean for summer gas prices?

For the details of the discussion, listen to the podcast episode.

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