Michael Mahoney

Meet the energy expert, Michael Mahoney

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Mike in the Energy Procurement and Risk Manager at Co-op Power, the largest co-operative energy buying group in the UK.

Approaching 25 years working in the energy industry, Mike has developed expertise in a range of areas from trading and risk management to contract pricing for supply and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and the emerging markets for generation and demand-side flexibility.

Mike has a great deal of experience in energy procurement and the PPA market and is well known throughout the supply and generation community, having worked at major suppliers, Total GP Smartest Energy and Gazprom Energy as well as in consulting, as an Associate Director at Cornwall Insight. He understands the nature of market volume and price risk and how suppliers and off-takers look to manage this through mechanisms in PPA and supply contracts.

Specialities include:

  • 25 years energy industry experience
  • Electricity and gas procurement and pricing
  • Wholesale energy markets, optimisation and risk management
  • Renewable energy
  • Supply contracts and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Flexibility, National Grid Services, battery storage and Demand Side Response (DSR)
  • Portfolio management

If you would like to discuss his availability, contact Harry Matyjaszek:

Harry Matyjaszek: 07527 206777 or [email protected]

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