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Meet the energy expert, Nigel Holden

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Nigel Holden has 30 years’ experience working in energy and carbon management. He has worked in local government, consultancy and retail – the last 17 years of which has been at the Co-op.

The Co-op is owned by its 4 million members, has a large a geographical dispersed estate and has one of the largest development programmes within the UK retail market. Since 2006, Nigel and his team have led wide-ranging programmes to reduce the Co-op’s energy consumption and carbon impact. These range from estate-wide good housekeeping programmes for 45,000 people and leading-edge refrigeration improvement programmes, right up to the pioneering environmental strategy for the Co-op’s head office building in Manchester – One Angel Square.

Nigel’s team have been purchasing 100% renewable electricity for the Co-op since 2003, they have also directly supported the development of additional renewable capacity. This includes the construction of 4 large windfarms on their own land, a ground mounted PV solar array and a river micro hydro scheme – both the latter of which are connected to Co-op sites by private wires.

The Co-op has reduced its direct carbon emissions by 67% since 2006 and are committed to the goal of zero carbon – not just for their estate, but the whole of its supply chain too.
Nigel leads the Co-op’s B2B energy business – Co-op Power, providing ethical green energy and carbon management solutions to the Co-op and over 40 like-minded organisations across the UK.

Co-op Power is a unique energy buying group with a reputation built on trust and their proposition is simple: businesses who join benefit from the sheer scale and unbeatable buying power of the consortium. By working together and pooling energy procurement with other businesses, Co-op Power negotiate better value, substantially cheaper bills, plus a wide range of fantastic terms and benefits that only a handful of companies in the UK can achieve. They also make sure the energy is genuinely 100% renewable, ethical and sustainable. Energy with integrity. Better value for all.

Specialities include:

  • 34 years sector experience within public and private organisations
  • Strategic leadership / organisation approach to energy, carbon management and Net Zero
  • Energy Efficiency and low carbon buildings
  • Energy Procurement and demand response
  • Pioneered Corporate PPA’s and integration into supply contracts
  • Development of renewable assets including 4 windfarms
  • Private wire PPA’s – Solar and hydro
  • Water management

If you would like to discuss his availability, contact Harry Matyjaszek:

Harry Matyjaszek: 07527 206777 or [email protected]

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