New Zealand’s drivers offered EV subsidies

Motorists in New Zealand who are looking to buy a new EV will be able to have a discount of up to AUD$8,625

The Big Zero report

The New Zealand Government has announced a new string of measures to encourage electric vehicle (EV) uptake and drive down emissions.

From 1st July, Kiwi drivers will be able to secure grants of AUD$8,625 (£4,704) for new electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and AUD$3,450 (£1,881) for used cars.

Officials say this discount on low emissions vehicles will be funded from a levy on higher emitting cars and trucks.

The measure is designed to help New Zealand meet its 2050 carbon-neutral target.

Transport Minister Michael Wood said: “New Zealand is actually lagging behind on the uptake of EVs, so we are playing catch up internationally. Our monthly registrations of EVs are around half the global average and sales are well below the 50% of monthly sales seen in some European countries.”

According to official data, transport emissions are the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand.

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