Siemens Gamesa offshore turbine ‘typhoon-resistant’

It has received a second rotor-nacelle assembly (RNA) IEC certificate covering resistance to extreme wind conditions

The Big Zero report

Siemens Gamesa has had one of its offshore wind turbines certified ‘typhoon-resistant’ by the IEC.

This means the turbines are able to withstand wind speeds reaching 57 metres per second for 10 minutes and three-second gusts of up to 79.8 metres per second according to the IEC.

The certification follows its recent deal to supply ‘typhoon-resistant’ turbines for an onshore wind cluster in Japan.

Marc Becker, CEO of the Siemens Gamesa Offshore Business Unit, commented: “We are driven to ensure that our turbines can sustain the extreme weather events such as typhoons seen in Asia Pacific.

“We’re thus tremendously proud to have received this second rotor-nacelle assembly type certification. With the region poised to become even more significant globally, it strengthens our focus on delivering value to our customers.”


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