Renewable power-to-methanol plant to make a splash at Scottish port

The project will harness excess wind power and use locally captured CO2 to produce green methanol

Big Zero Report 2022

UK port operator Global Energy Group (GEG) has partnered with Swiss energy company Proman to develop a renewable power to methanol plant at the Nigg Oil Terminal in Scotland’s Port of Nigg.

The so-called Cromarty Clean Fuels Project will utilise local industrial sources of captured carbon dioxide and harness excess wind power to produce green methanol.

Green methanol is a renewable liquid that is used in transport as a fuel and as a feedstock in the chemical industry.

Proman, the world’s second-largest methanol producer will become the owner and operator of the plant.

Tim Cornelius, Chief Executive Officer of GEG, said: “This plant will have the capability of harnessing excess power to produce green methanol, which can then be used as an automotive or shipping fuel or as a chemical building block in thousands of everyday products.“

David Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer of Proman, commented: “Green methanol presents a significant opportunity to bridge the gap from fossil-based to renewable fuels as we move to a lower carbon future and as such the production of and market for ‘green’ methanol from sustainable sources such as waste, biomass or renewable energy is growing and highly scalable.“

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