Royal Mail to trial EV tyres for cleaner air!

Royal Mail will work with manufacturer ENSO to reduce pollution created by rubber in the tyres used on electric vehicles

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Royal Mail has launched a trial of ’emission-reducing tyres for its electric vans.

That follows a partnership with manufacturer ENSO that aims to reduce the pollution created by rubber in the tyres used on electric vehicles (EVs).

The new tyres are designed to produce fewer microparticle emissions compared to conventional tyres.

The trial will see 15 electric vans at the West London Delivery Office, near Wembley being fitted with the ENSO tyres.

The technology will be monitored and weighed every six weeks to measure their wear rate, estimate particulate matter emitted and range achieved in comparison to standard tyres.

James Baker, Chief Engineer and Fleet Director at Royal Mail, said: “The trial and potential wide scale introduction of more efficient and environmentally friendly tyres enables us to help achieve this, while allowing us to continue to deliver letters and parcels safely, efficiently and responsibly.”

Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ENSO, said: “ENSO’s innovative EV tyres are designed to be EV-range-extending and particulate matter-pollution-reducing and through TfL’s FreightLab trial with Royal Mail, we aim to demonstrate their contribution towards reducing air pollution in London.”

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