Are prices moderating or just a part of the current volatility?

In this week’s European energy market podcast we talk to Alfa Energy’s Dr Petra Puskarova about volatility in energy prices while gas prices remain high.

Big Zero Report 2022

In this episode of the Resonance you will learn:

  • A correction in oil prices, when and on what basis that might happen
  • Why high gas prices in Asia impact Europe
  • When to expect the first gas flows from NS2 and how recent news, although incorrect, impacted prices
  • What the combination of gas, carbon and coal market dynamics are doing to power prices. What the main drivers are and how future developments could impact power
  • Is holiday season peaking adding some premium outside of main hubs?
  • With lower cooling demand and for example a lack of challenges to the French nuclear fleet this year with more moderate temperatures compared to 2020, why is there a premium in the market right now?

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