‘Eternally charged’ smartwatches to become real with nuclear waste-powered battery

The NDB Technology team behind the battery that could allegedly last up to 28,000 years spoke to ELN about the new application of their technology

Big Zero Report 2022

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Imagine a nuclear-powered smartwatch you’d never need to charge!

Nope, it’s not sci-fi, it could become a reality.

California-based startup NDB has revealed to ELN its plan for such a thing!

Last year, the company unveiled a breakthrough study and work on developing a nano-diamond battery that utilises nuclear waste and could last up to 28,000 years. 

Giorgi Gogogkhia, Chief Operating Officer at NDB, told ELN: “We are working very hard to release our products and demonstrating them to wider audiences across the globe. We currently building a Swiss-made smartwatch that will never be out of charge.

“The battery for this smartwatch will last eternally, for its entire lifetime. We should have this smartwatch released within 18 months.”

Regarding the options of seeing these everlasting batteries being used in other applications too, Eeshu Raaj Saasthaa, Nuclear Physicist at NDB, said: “We use radioactive decay as the source for its battery. Nuclear batteries provide high energy density and stable power output. Our battery is designed to suit every one of our power needs.”

Listen to the podcast to hear the full interview.

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