‘Policy must change or 29m homes will not decarbonise’

A coalition of groups have written an open letter to the Prime Minister, calling for government to make it easier for consumers to decarbonise their homes

Big Zero Report 2022

Gaps in net zero policy puts the decarbonisation of 29 million homes at risk.

That is the key message in an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson from a coalition of groups.

Citizens Advice, Which?, Aldersgate Group and the Federation of Master Builders make up a portion of those urging government to review policy and make it easier for consumers to overcome obstacles to cutting carbon emissions.

It warns if these steps are not taken and lessons are not learned from previous energy efficiency measures, the UK’s 29 million homes will not be decarbonised.

The coalition claims the process of installing low carbon heating and smart technologies is time-consuming and stressful for consumers and finding a reputable installer can be an obstacle.

It states previous energy efficiency measures led to households dealing with mould and damp due to badly installed insulation and trust must be rebuilt with the public to make sure progress can still be made.

It has pointed towards more information, consumer protections and reduced costs as the answers to the issue, calling on government to add this to its upcoming ‘Net Zero Strategy’.

Dame Clare Moriarty, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice, said: “Our evidence is clear. Right now, making green changes to homes is too confusing and too often things go wrong for those trying to do the right thing.

“The public are behind the net zero transition but they need the right information and tools, particularly when it comes to adapting their home.

“By getting things right now, the government can give people the confidence to make changes and play their part in getting to net zero.”

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