Biogest to build two biogas plants in Greece

The plants will together supply electricity to around 3,700 homes using waste from farming

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Biogest is set to build two biogas plants in Greece, producing electricity from by-products of the food and beverage industry.

The first project will be constructed on the island of Rhodes, with Biogest claiming it will supply around 1,300 households with electricity each year.

The second project will be located in Thessaly and will take waste from local farmers keeping livestock to generate 1MW of electricity to supply around 2,400 households each year.

This is the company’s first venture into the Greek market, having previously built biogas facilities in Italy.

Martin Schlerka, CEO of Biogest, said: “Greece has a huge market potential for biogas from agro-industrial residues.

“Moreover, we have observed an increasing pressure in some Mediterranean areas to process the residues coming from olive oil production, for which we have the capacity to offer different solutions”.

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