Greenpeace taking government to court over oil permit

The environmental group challenges the government’s decision to grant BP a permit to drill for 30 million barrels of oil

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Greenpeace took legal action against the government over an oil permit that has been allegedly granted to BP.

The environmental group claims the permit allows BP to drill 30 million barrels of oil without taking climate impacts into account.

Mel Evans, Head of Oil and Gas transition at Greenpeace UK, said: “It’s outrageous that the UK government routinely rubber stamps oil permits, like this one and the proposed permit for Cambo while completely ignoring the climate impact, which causes extreme weather and deaths.

“We hope the judge will agree that legally this cannot be allowed to happen. It makes no sense for the government to overlook the most harmful consequences of oil and gas when making these decisions.

“We are two months away from hosting global climate talks, and we’re at code red for humanity. BP’s permit must be revoked and Cambo must be stopped.

A government spokesperson said: “We cannot comment on ongoing legal proceedings.

“However, whilst the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels continues to fall, advice from the independent Climate Change Committee is that we cannot have a cliff-edge where oil and gas are abandoned overnight as the sector has a key role to play in our electricity supply, in providing local jobs, and in supporting the production of everyday essentials like medicines.

“Without a domestic source of oil and gas while we gradually transition to a low carbon future, the UK would be even more reliant on imports from other countries.”

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