COP26 dance moves to reduce Scottish nightclub’s emissions!

The venue will install technology that will harness the body heat of dancers to help power the venue and reduce emisions

Big Zero Report 2022

A nightclub in Glasgow has launched a project to harness the body heat of gig-goers and dancers to help power the venue and minimise its carbon footprint.

The arts venue SWG3 said the so-called BODYHEAT project will capture body heat from customers and staff before storing it into boreholes installed across the venue.

The technology is forecast to reduce the site’s energy usage and save around 70 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

The drilling of up to seventeen boreholes is planned to start in the coming weeks as part of the venue’s collaboration with the geothermal energy consultants TownRock Energy and engineering firm Harley Haddow.

The system will be introduced on 7th November to coincide with the COP26 summit.

Honey Dijon, a DJ who will play music at the launch event, said: Anything we can do at this moment to help climate change is a positive thing. This new system of channelling energy from the dance floor is something innovative and sustainable.”

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