Envoy – a complete CRM tool for brokers to manage multiple suppliers and customers relationships efficiently

A SaaS CRM tool on the cloud which is very secured, flexible and ensures business continuity & scalability for energy brokers, TPIs and consultants.

Image: Enpaas Ltd.

CRM tools have been around for a while now. They allow a business to manage and stay organised by giving them a complete picture of their customers and prospects, as well as the interactions their team members have with them. It’s critical to cultivate solid customer relationships, and CRM tool is an excellent tool for doing so. It assists them in determining which consumers provide them the most revenue.

Enpaas has launched a new CRM tool, specifically designed and developed  for energy brokers, consultants and TPIs, named Envoy which has some unique features.

Envoy provides a central place to store and share customer data, prospect data, track customer interactions, and share this information across their company. It allows brokers to manage leads, sales, and relationships with customers, helping them to grow. Multiple Supplier data can be easily integrated into the system including broker and sub-broker commissions.

The tool comes integrated with ECOES & XOSERVE; thus, meter details are updated automatically and can be checked with the industry easily. Since it is fully integrated with the industry, all EAC details and HH data for HH meters gets synced with just a click of a button. The customers can get ESOS and FEDRA carbon reports in the system and create customized reports from the available data for a more comprehensive understanding.


Image: Enpaas Ltd.


Brokers would particularly like a unique feature that automatically calculates commissions based on the setup – in percentage or fixed pence amount per KWh. It allows them to offer the customer portal to their customers for managing and updating their details. It is integrated with Ombudsman system with dashboard access for managing complaints automatically, and, has another unique CRM feature which represents the Contract’s life cycle and status in a graphical format.

In order to save paper and make it more comfortable and quicker, the system provides in-built e-sign functionality for contracts. Price quotations can be updated automatically with easy integration of the Supplier’s pricing API or by uploading them from flat files via emails. The 5-year visual representation of commodity & non-commodity market prices makes it easy to plan ahead. The tool can be integrated with any phone system to automatically attach verbal contracts and call recordings, saving time, and providing flexibility of usage.

The brokers can segment and set up customer groups with hierarchies and/or as sub-groups with different sites belonging to different suppliers. They can also create LOAs with letterheads for customers and manage MOP contracts via the same tool.

Enpaas’ CRM tool Envoy has the following benefits –

  1. Bill validation can be availed as a managed service
  2. E-sign functionality saves extra cost of buying DocuSign or Adobe, etc.
  3. In-built submission module enables automatic submission of signed contracts to the supplier
  4. Easily manage and track objections for the new sale using the Objection Module
  5. Complete auditability and visibility of actions via the activity log
  6. Provide better customer service through the ticketing system to log customer issues and track them to completion
  7. Get a bird’s eye view of prices across 5 years, on a single screen
  8. Stay informed by conducting credit checks on customers
  9. Easily track status of each contract in a graphical format
  10. Build your own reports as needed with a built-in report module

Enpaas has built the technology, infrastructure and expert team to power your energy business forward. Contact Enpaas to find out how their managed services can reduce your costs, increase profitability, and help scale up your business: https://enpaas.com/

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