‘World’s first’ recyclable wind turbine blade gets ready for its German premiere!

Wind turbines with recyclable blades will be installed in an offshore wind farm off the coast of Heligoland

The Big Zero report

The island of Heligoland in north western Germany will soon become home to what is claimed to be the world’s first recyclable wind turbine blade.

Developed by Siemens Gamesa, the technology will be tested in the Kaskasi offshore wind farm that will be constructed 35 kilometres north of the island.

The 81-metre long blades are designed to enable the recycling of the composite parts into new products at the end of their lifecycle.

The blades are using a new type of resin with a chemical structure that makes it easier to efficiently separate the resin from other components of the wind turbine blade.

The technology is expected to support research into the full recyclability of wind turbines.

Once operational, the RWE-owned project is forecast to supply the equivalent of approximately 400,000 households with green electricity.

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