Hydrogen revolution ‘could create 25k green jobs in Britain in the next ten years’

Britain’s industrial clusters, including the Humber and Teesside, could become home to around 17,000 new jobs, according to a new report

Proposed hydrogen projects and investments could deliver more than 25,000 high-skilled green jobs in Britain over the next decade.

A new report by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), suggests British industrial clusters, including North West England, the Humber and Teesside could see the creation of 17,000 jobs.

Of these jobs, more than 9,000 jobs are predicted to be employed by the network companies, with around 8,000 roles created in supply chain partners.

The trade association estimates £4.4 billion will be invested in the development of hydrogen gas grids that will be designed to cut carbon dioxide emissions from Britain’s industrial clusters that accommodate among others iron, steel and chemical plants.

Chris Train, ENA’s Gas Goes Green Champion, said: “With the recent publication of the government’s Hydrogen Strategy and the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan before that, the time is right for Ofgem to consider how it can unlock this investment, helping ensure that hydrogen plays its full part in fuelling Britain’s Green Industrial Revolution.”

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