Could there be 200 cars queuing for one charger?

Nearly eight million drivers will have to rely on public charging points with not enough to go round says research

The Big Zero report

New research forecasts there will be almost 200 electric vehicles (EVs) to every rapid charger by 2030.

The worrying finding comes from a new analysis by GoCompare, which suggests the UK’s EV charging infrastructure might not be able to meet the increasing demand of the future if it grows with the current pace.

The report finds that by the end of the year, the UK will be home to an estimated 952,260 registered EVs, increasing to 3.8 million by 2031.

The authors of the report also estimate nearly eight million drivers will have to rely on public charging points.

Ryan Fulthorpe at GoCompare said: “Our research highlights that those without access to driveway parking are going to find it much more difficult to charge their car, due to the lack of availability. More investment is needed in public rapid charge points, an area which seems to have been forgotten.

“Without this infrastructure making electric vehicles accessible to everyone, the mainstream adoption of EVs in the UK will have significant challenges ahead.”

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