No 10 Downing Street looks greener than ever ahead of COP26!

A light arch has been installed at Prime Minister’s office to celebrate the COP26 hosting

From today high-profile visitors of the Prime Minister’s office will look different under the green light of a new installation.

That’s because 10 Downing Street’s famous door has been lit up to celebrate the UK hosting COP26 that kicks off this weekend.

The Street Arch installation is made from energy efficient LED lights and is based on National Grid’s Green Light Signal, a low energy light bulb designed to glow green when the electricity supply is cleanest.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “With COP26 just a few days away, I’m delighted to see Downing Street glowing green to mark our progress towards achieving a clean and reliable electricity system – supplying towns and cities across the country.

John Pettigrew, Chief Executive Officer of National Grid, commented: “Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. At a moment when world leaders, businesses and campaigners are in the UK for COP26, we are proud to show just how much greener, cleaner energy is powering Glasgow.

“Overall Great Britain’s energy system is becoming greener – in the last seven years, we have cut carbon emissions from the electricity system by 66% with clean energy like wind, solar and nuclear accounting for an average of 55%of Britain’s electricity mix.”

Image: National Grid

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