COP26 Live: ‘World is heading to at least 2.4 ̊C of warming’, new study warns

New report suggests global greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 will still be around twice as high as necessary for the 1.5°C limit

As COP26 entered its second week, a new study finds that the world is on its way to at least 2.4 ̊C of warming.

Publishing its annual update, the research group Climate Action Tracker (CAT) warned that climate talks in Glasgow revealed “massive” credibility, action and commitment gap.

The analysis suggests with all the climate pledges, including those made during COP26 so far, by 2030 global greenhouse gas emissions will still be around twice as high as necessary for the 1.5°C limit.

The authors of the report claim that with just 2030 pledges, global temperature is forecast to increase by 2.4°C in 2100.

In addition, the projected warming from implemented policies is even higher, reaching 2.7 ̊C, the report suggests.

Bill Hare, Chief Executive Officer of Climate Analytics, said: “The vast majority of 2030 actions and targets are inconsistent with net zero goals.

“There is a nearly 1°C gap between government current policies and their net zero goals. It is all very well for leaders to claim they have a net zero target, but if they have no plans as to how to get there and their 2030 targets are as low as so many of them are, then frankly, these net zero targets are just lip service to real climate action. Glasgow has a serious credibility gap.”

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