Less than half of young energy professionals ‘feel confident that the UK will hit net zero target’

Energy UK’s latest survey shows that eight in ten energy industry professionals of the younger generation agree that the government needs to focus more on energy transition

Big Zero Report 2022

Nearly 47% of young energy professionals feel confident that the government’s current strategy will achieve the 2050 net zero target.

That’s according to a new survey by the Energy UK‘s Young Energy Professionals Forum which shows that the most common barriers to the net zero plans are a lack of clarity, a gap in policy for reaching targets and little incentive given to business and the public to support decarbonisation.

The survey of 200 participants also suggests eight out of ten agree that the government needs to put much more focus on how the transition is going to affect the most vulnerable customers.

In addition, the research suggests that young professionals in the energy sector feel that one of the most important factors to consider when deciding to stay in or apply for a role is the opportunity to meaningfully engage with an organisation’s net zero strategy.

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