Pairing agriculture and livestock farming with solar PV awarded cash boost

Solar photovoltaic projects built to reduce the stress of tomato plants and protect vineyards have secured support from Iberdrola

Big Zero Report 2022

Spanish utility Iberdrola has announced it will support four projects designed to promote the coexistence of solar photovoltaics with agriculture and livestock farming.

The funding is part of the firm’s startup programme that aims to provide winning companies with technical and financial support to test their technology using Iberdola’s resources.

If a pilot project is successful, Iberdrola may also offer the participant the opportunity to scale up the solution with commercial agreements or direct investment.

Among the beneficiaries is a project that combines tomato cultivation with solar panels to mitigate plant stress during heatwaves and another photovoltaic system fitted with an intelligent tracker to generate shadow and protect vineyards.

Iberdrola has also selected the French startup Ombrea which has developed a system powered by artificial intelligence to protect crops against climate change.

The solar panel-based remote solution spreads out and retracts in order to modulate light and shadow according to data collected on-site through sensors.

Two weeks ago, in the Net Hero podcast, Sumit Bose spoke to Byron Kominek of Jack’s Solar Garden, a unique farm in Colorado using solar panels to grow crops in harsh conditions.

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