Do energy suppliers ‘reject new customers’?

Suppliers allegedly refused to take on new customers in light of the crisis in the energy retail market

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With spiralling energy prices forcing a string of energy suppliers to exit the market and nearly two million customers to be switched to a new supplier, new customers wanting to install a meter have reportedly been left helpless.

According to Guardian Money, a single mother living in a home near Stroud, Gloucestershire was left without options in her effort to replace electric storage heaters with gas central heating at her home.

Several energy suppliers allegedly refused to take her on as a new customer.

The report said the customer contacted a number of companies, including E.ON, EDF, Octopus and British Gas.

An E.ON spokesperson told ELN: “We have taken the difficult decision to pause home energy connections due to market conditions.”

ELN contacted EDF and the company confirmed that has never stopped accepting new customers and has been continuing with its smart meter installations.

ELN contacted Octopus and the company confirmed that it never stopped accepting new customers and is now looking into this specific case.

An Ofgem spokesperson said: “Suppliers who offer a Standard Variable Tariff to existing customers must also offer this to new customers.

“We are keeping developments in the market under review, but cannot comment on any live compliance engagement that we may or may not be undertaking.”

ELN approached British Gas for a response.

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