‘Average day-ahead prices rose by 235% in 2021’

The prices went up from £35/MWh to £118/MWh, a new report suggests

Big Zero Report 2022

Power prices in Britain climbed to all-time highs last year with average day-ahead prices increasing by 235%.

The new Electricity Market report by EnAppSys suggests that was the combined effect of increased demand, lower renewable generation and increased gas-fired generation.

The study states that the average day-ahead price across both EPEX and Nordpool auctions rose in 2021 reached £118.29/MWh.

That compares to the price of £35.26/MWh the year before.

The energy analysts also stressed that system prices also increased significantly, with 2021 seeing a high of £4,037.80/MWh.

They noted that was the highest imbalance price seen since the £5,003.33/MWh in June 2001.

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