Companies receive half a million calls from customers affected by storm

Five DNOs had a significant spike in the volume of calls while Storm Arwen was hitting the UK, Ofgem said

Five distribution network operators (DNOs) in the North West of England received almost 500,000 calls combined from customers affected by Storm Arwen.

Ofgem has published an interim report which looks into the networks’ response to the storm.

Published one day before a new storm, named Storm Eunice, hit the UK forcing millions to stay home because of severe winds, the report suggests from 26th November until 3rd December five companies experienced a significant spike in calls.

These companies were Electricity North West, Northern Powergrid (NPg), SP Energy Networks, Western Power Distribution and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks.

The energy regulator said more than 40% of these 500,000 calls were made on 27th November alone.

According to the report, the call abandonment rate for NPg was 43% compared to up to 24% for other DNOs.

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