Council ‘sparks fury’ after installing an EV charger close to cemetery

Visitors of a crematorium in Cumbria have reportedly criticised the scheme

Big Zero Report 2022

A local authority in Cumbria has reportedly received fierce criticism over its decision to install an electric vehicle (EV) charger close to a cemetery.

According to Daily Mail, visitors of Thorncliffe Crematorium have slammed the move which has been branded ‘downright disrespectful’ by one citizen.

The report claims that mourners have questioned why the EV charger is on “holy ground”.

However. the local authority said the installation is part of a rollout programme in ten car parks across the borough.

Councillor Ann Thomson, Leader of Barrow Borough Council, said: “People are increasingly switching to EVs and it’s important that we make sure those who use them – both residents and visitors to the borough – are able to charge their vehicles.

“EV charging points are being installed in ten council-owned car parks across the borough through the Low Carbon Barrow scheme. One of these car parks is at Thorncliffe Cemetery.

“The council has received no complaints about the addition of a charging point at this location. On the contrary, it will ensure people with EVs now and in the future are not excluded from travelling, often long distances, to attend a funeral or visit loved ones in the cemetery.”

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